Kamp Süresi

7 gün


8 - 15 Ağustos 2020

China Studies Workshop

In this workshop, we aim to lay the basis for constructive debate on issues relating to Chinese economy, politics and international relations. Special emphasis will be given to the subjects relevant to Turkey-China relations, economic models of importance to Turkey, possible rivalries and cooperation between the two countries. The aim of this workshop is to bring non-partisan scholars of China together to engage in meaningful debate on academic grounds. This workshop aims to be selective in admissions, thus a detailed application form is required. There will 10 available slots to ensure that the group can discuss issues without splitting into groups.

Operation language will be Turkish in this workshop. However, due to the low number of China scholars in Turkey, we will be conducting online sessions with international experts, from China and other countries. Therefore, we expect our participants to be able to comprehend English on an academic level.

China 101 Booklet