An alternative education is possible!

Future Programmes

26th of August – 1st of September 2019

Philosophy of Mind in Movies

31st of August – 6th of September 2019

Asian Studies Summer School
Turkish Political History

Project Arché

Who are we?

Project Arché was founded by students, who were not content with the quality of Turkish education system in 2014. As we were spending our summer holidays in many different summer schools and Nesin Mathematics Village, we understood that an alternative education was possible. Ever since our very first ‘’experimental’’ camp in 2014, we have reached over 400 students and 100 lecturers with dozens of summer camps. Although at the beginning we were organising camps on topics that we found intriguing, over time Project Arché has evolved its purpose into diversifying Turkey’s intellectual field and bringing people who identify themselves as intellectuals together. Despite all challenges, we are proceeding with the same enthusiasm. 

On which topics have we worked?

We have organised camps on ancient Greek historiography, evolution, linguistics, political science, law, ethics and many others for students who were willing to spend two weeks from their summer holidays in order to listen to these lectures. You can reach some of these lectures via ‘’Lecture Archives’’. Last but not least, we are delving into other fields as well. You can reach these programmes via ‘’Future Programmes’’.

Our main goal in Arche Project, which was started in 2014, is to provide high quality educational experience, without implementing our country’s conventional methods of education. For this purpose we have reached over 400 students and 100 lecturers with summer camps on history, philosophy, linguistics, evolution, law, ethics and politics.

Another goal of ours is to put forth valuable works of our lecturers and students, as we gather them around the inspiration of intellectual productivity. We are overjoyed to see that we proceed slowly but surely along with brilliant personalities, who spare their time to widen their horizon despite the scorching summer heat.

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